kiraohara: "Write Me, Bitch" with Plotbunny (Default)
Kira O'Hara ([personal profile] kiraohara) wrote2011-07-30 02:15 pm


So I figured I should have something here instead of an empty journal. ^^; I'll be working on posting up my fic and such over the next week or two. :D

Hello to all my new friends! (And also to the few friendly refugees I was able to locate!) Thank you to [personal profile] marguerite_26 for her AWESOME and AMAZING friending meme. :3 And super-huzzah to the lovely ladies who stepped up to create [community profile] hd_loveshack over here on DW for us to congregate in. :D

Um...right then, must be getting ready for work, but I'll be working on coding and writing once I get home. Mayhap I can get a few fics posted over here tonight! :D

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